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And we’re back with the monkeys.

I actually have a category in my blog now for wierd monkey stories.

Found this on yahoo



Troupes of monkeys are out of control in India’s northeast, stealing mobile phones and breaking into homes to steal soft drinks from refrigerators, lawmakers in the region have complained.

“Monkeys are wreaking havoc in my constituency by taking away mobile phones, toothpastes, sipping coke after opening the refrigerators,” Hiren Das told Assam state’s assembly.

He said the primates were “even slapping women who try to chase them”.

“It is a cause of serious concern in my area, with more than 1,000 such simians turning aggressive by the day,” fumed Goneswar Das, another legislator representing Raha in eastern Assam.

Assam’s wildlife minister, Rockybul Hussain, said the state government has formed a panel to study the problem.

Because of shrinking forest cover, monkeys have increasingly moved into cities elsewhere in India as well.

Last week, around two dozen people were hurt after monkeys rampaged through a New Delhi neighbourhood.

Last month, the deputy mayor of Delhi died when he fell from his balcony after being attacked by monkeys.

Efforts to drive out the animals is complicated by the fact that devout Hindus view them as an incarnation of Hanuman, the monkey god who symbolises strength.


I am just gonna say it. Fucking with Mother Nature too much is wrong.

You could argue that antibiotics and other meds alter the natural course of things. You can ask why shouldn’t we do it because we have the technology? But allowing an infertile couple to give birth to not just one but 3 babies doesn’t seem right. If your body doesn’t do it on its own – maybe you should adopt?

When I see the plethora of un-natural sets of twins/triplets/septuplets in this world I feel sad. Sad for the premature 2 lb babies who spend months in a hospital with tubes running in and out of them experiencing all kinds of unnamed pain for the sake of someone’s american dream. Sad for those same kids whose parents will die before they graduate grad-school because mommy waited too long to start a family. Sad for the parents who will be too tired to enjoy their children because they are the age grandparents usually are. And mostly I feel sad for all the kids who will never be adopted because we are producing children from solutions and tubes. Brangelina you are the exception.

I mean, how is making babies in petrie dishes any different from cloning? We can create something un-natural but not copy something? I am pretty sure Charles Darwin rolls over in his grave every time a 46 year old gives birth. What I find truly sick is how many millions of dollars have been made by infertility doctors and genetic scientists.

There is a fine balance in Nature and as a global community we have thrown it WAY off balance. Messing around with where babies comes from seems like the ultimate fuck you to mother nature. We should go back to taking care of unwanted children who didn’t ask to be born and stop creating kids who wouldn’t have gotten here on their own.

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