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One. the only thing that makes me vomit (other than too much drink) is spit. The sight of it. The idea of it. Even speaking about it. If I think of it for more than a minute I will vomit.

Two. I am fascinated with boils and am actually sad that I have never had one.

Three. When I am home alone I leave the tv on in the background because I get freaked out.

Four. I was a talented singer growing up and starred in several musicals. My mother hired a voice coach and she encouraged me to become a professional. Just wasn’t my thing. The funny thing is my boyfriend M. sings like a lark and has sparked his career in film from his voice, and I have never told him this fact about me. Its his thing now.

Five. My son has freckles in matching spots on both sides of his body. 8 of them. Its like he is a freckle mirror.

Six. I have an obsession with pickled things. Pickled okra, pickles, pickled asparagus, but Pickled green tomatoes are my favorite. I even drink the juice at the end of the jar.

Seven. I can not stop reading books about leper colonies in Hawaii.

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