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Playmate Bunny Laura Misch
Playboy has an enticing and long history. There was a 25 year period 1960-1985 when playboy owned and operated Playboy clubs, 25 clubs in total, all over the world. The “Bunnies” served coctails, flirted with patrons, slipped tips into their cleavage and changed history a little bit for women then.hh5.jpg

The original club was in Chicago, Hef’s hometown. The original Bunny’s name was Ilsa Taurins who at the time was dating Hef’s promotions manager. When Ilsa and her mother sewed the costume, satin with a tail and ear’s headband… little did they know what a sex symbol they had just thrown together!a3.jpg

So here are just a few – since you have been enjoying them so much! I don’t have all of their names but provided the ones I have..
Bunny Angie Chester - Bunny of the Year 1974Playmate Bunny Candy (Candace Collins)Bunny Susanpic57.jpghh2.jpgPlaymate Bunny Helena AntonaccioJanis Schmitt


So it was M’s birthday a few weeks ago and I still haven’t mailed his present. Oh well.

A few months ago I stopped in one of those side of the road XXX Emporiums that have marvelous things in them and spotted an issue of Playboy published the month before he was born. Real Breasts, lots of bush. BIG BUSH. Apparently waxing and razors were post-70’s inventions.

I love it! I think real boobs are SO much more intriguing. (I reserve the right to change my mind when mine are in need of some work). I like seeing natural women who aren’t botox’d and lipo’d to death. Curves are sexy – even if they dont look like everyone elses!

And check out the cover!!! I dont know – I just really enjoyed the issue!2339a.jpg

If you have not watched this entire video – you can not post angry comments to me about why the selfishness of IVF is OK and how I am horrible for even considering it a bad thing.

This beautiful child died a slow and horribly painful death in a rescue center in Haiti on Thanksgiving morning.

How could you not consider adoption after watching this? We have beome such a selfish society. It has happened slowly over the centuries.

The fact of the matter is that if your body wont do it – there is a reason.

Choose adoption. If the money is a problem – the cost is virtually the same as IVF (yes I have researched this).

I am sure your children are beautiful. But is there a child out there who should have been yours who starved to death or is still waiting aimlessly in an orphanage?

You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Stop playing God in the selfish desires to procreate and find your child where he or she waits.

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I found a blog I have only heard of… the one where people send in postcards with their big secrets…

What would my secret be? GOD there are SO SO SO many!!!!

My best secret? How to fake an orgasm. I can not peak unless I am completey intrigued or totally in love. Honestly – There has really only been one man that could help me achieve this during intercourse. I am, however, weak to other things…. can’t help but let go during THAT – but sex is so intimate….

My smallest secret? Seaglass is my cryptonite. I swear it has a power over me. I spot some by the ocean and I become completely obsessed and enthralled.

anything else I am keeping? Keep reading my blog! 8)

here are my 2 favorites today… the second one made me tear up a little. Hold your mouse over the pic.



I am happy to report that all spots (save the one big one we call herman) from hypertensive retinopathy (aka. bloody eyeballs) have dissapated.

I seem to have chilled out more and the stress that was making my blood vessels burst is gone.

And we’re back with the monkeys.

I actually have a category in my blog now for wierd monkey stories.

Found this on yahoo



Troupes of monkeys are out of control in India’s northeast, stealing mobile phones and breaking into homes to steal soft drinks from refrigerators, lawmakers in the region have complained.

“Monkeys are wreaking havoc in my constituency by taking away mobile phones, toothpastes, sipping coke after opening the refrigerators,” Hiren Das told Assam state’s assembly.

He said the primates were “even slapping women who try to chase them”.

“It is a cause of serious concern in my area, with more than 1,000 such simians turning aggressive by the day,” fumed Goneswar Das, another legislator representing Raha in eastern Assam.

Assam’s wildlife minister, Rockybul Hussain, said the state government has formed a panel to study the problem.

Because of shrinking forest cover, monkeys have increasingly moved into cities elsewhere in India as well.

Last week, around two dozen people were hurt after monkeys rampaged through a New Delhi neighbourhood.

Last month, the deputy mayor of Delhi died when he fell from his balcony after being attacked by monkeys.

Efforts to drive out the animals is complicated by the fact that devout Hindus view them as an incarnation of Hanuman, the monkey god who symbolises strength.

only in Japan…

So funny. I like the one at the end with the pink ears the most.

Diesel cuddling

My son’s Chihuahua Diesel bit my (ever shrinking thank you very much) lovehandle!!!!

When he wants something, he stands on his little hind legs and shoves me with his front paws in the leg, or my thigh if I am sitting, as hard as he can. And for 10lbs and no balls he can shove pretty fucking hard.

Tonight I was reading my favorite blog… the tard blog (yes I am sorry but it just slays me) and the little bugger came up and started shoving. I was also watching a reality show that will remain unmentioned to preserve what is left of my dignity. I just ignored him. But he had run out of water in his bowl and was thirsty.

The shoving got stronger.

All of a sudden a sharp pain attacks my side and radiates through my body. HE BIT MY LOVE HANDLE!!!!!! Now, he didn’t bite very hard, but he must have chomped down on a nerve that runs from the top of my head to my toes. I screamed so loudly my neighbors called.

Well – he got some water and I got an ice-pack and we moved on with our evening.

Soon I will enter the workforce again after almost 7 years of working for myself. While the hours and flexibility were amazing – I am no business owner.

So, I dont remember anything about working!!!

Am I allowed to make friends?

Should I just be very private?

I am going to work for a Vet hospital – so I don’t know if there are even more rules there!!!

What about office dating?

What is the etiquette for crying when a really injured/dying animal is brought in?

Why is this stressing me out?

Do I need those horrid dorky white sneakers?

Sometimes it feels as if I started as the seed of some beautiful rare flowering plant that needed to be cared for in a very specific way in order to thrive, but someone planted me in some swirling filthy nutrient poor bog of madness with partial sunlight and very low temperatures.

Realizing that my “dysfunction” is not something I caused (no matter how many times my family told me I did) but from the craziness surrounding me has been the biggest relief of my life. Even with that transforming realization, however, the patterns I grew with are part of me now and difficult to change. I will change them no matter how long it takes me and I have made a tremendous amount of progress since my 30th birthday.

Figuring out what “normal” means has plagued me forever. And now as I find myself 13 years into parenthood I wonder what normal will mean to him when he is my age. I am a good mom. I have raised him with more love and care than I have ever been shown in my life. He has been so amazingly healing to me. Noone tells you before you give birth that the child growing within you will heal you in so many ways.

Hopefully when he is 34 he will blog about being grown in love and being cherished.

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