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3 glasses of cheap pink sweet wine into my night.

11 boxes packed.

8 bags of trashed hauled to the curb.

Two sets of mattresses in the hallway ready to be taken to the truck.

I am almost 35. Why am I dragging around so much crap? Seriously. We just moved a half of a year ago and I have boxes that are unopened and nothing really missing from my daily trek through life.

My Mother’s condition worsens.

My financial condition worsens.

My relationship remains stable and loving but in a holding pattern…

Its 9 freakin thirty and the movers will be here in 11.5 hours.

I am moving back from the burbs where I can escape my neighbors and friends at all times. I will be forced to see them all on a freakin daily basis. The grocery store. The dogpark. The f*cking coffee house.

I will be doing my duty as a child. I will be saving for a house and more freedom. I will be going to school.

Did I mention that I have decided to become a Veterinarian? Thats right. The school that is more difficult to get into than medical school. No stress. Really.

Found a stash of tomato boxes left over from the farmers market. Good for picture frames and DVD’s.

I won’t be able to escape my friends.

My friends will be closer.

My f*cking shrink will be 5 blocks away.

My dogs will love going for runs over the bridge and around the monuments. They will miss the yard but I think they would rather be with me while I trudge through a workout than in a yard alone while I cook dinner.

I will be closer to my Grandparents and the baby.

I won’t be able to escape my Grandparents and the baby.

I should probably shut up and finish packing.

I just tossed every magazine I own, all clothing I don’t love and books I will never read.
Thank you Oprah.


I know I have been posting about Playboy and natural looking women recently… but this has been on my mind as well.

Here are some green things I have started this year…

1. once a week I put a box of books (I have a TON) out in front of my house with a note that says, “free to a good home” in the hopes that other people will read them and enjoy them and not buy a book for another week. I am also going to only buy used books from now on (thank you gertrudegrannypanties).
2. I am composting!!! Not a lot, but I am. Dryer lint, coffee grinds, veggies and other lil things. I am planning on purchasing some red worms in the spring!!!
3. I work in a big animal hospital and almost daily during my downtime take a pile of paper from our recycling can and cut it in half put the two halves on top of each other to make a neat pile, staple along top in a straight line and make scratch paper pads. Sometimes I write a note with a little doodle on the front and give it to a coworker. They always use them and are always grateful! Martha Stewart had this on her show once and it involved alot more steps and they looked professional.

4. Replaced all the light bulbs with those green energy star ones.

5. Got a space heater for my bedroom and keep the heat for the rest of the house down.

6. Yes I am timing my showers… and brushing my teeth in the shower while rinsing off my shampoo/conditioner.

7. MY BIGGEST CHANGE is that I am cleaning the house with green cleaners and vinegar/water/baking soda/lemon juice. With 3 dogs, a cat a 13 year old and a muddy back yard I clean ALOT!

Got any other easy tips? I am all about the easy!

Soon I will enter the workforce again after almost 7 years of working for myself. While the hours and flexibility were amazing – I am no business owner.

So, I dont remember anything about working!!!

Am I allowed to make friends?

Should I just be very private?

I am going to work for a Vet hospital – so I don’t know if there are even more rules there!!!

What about office dating?

What is the etiquette for crying when a really injured/dying animal is brought in?

Why is this stressing me out?

Do I need those horrid dorky white sneakers?


     Oh thats right.  He went to my house.  Dont ask.  But now we seem to be adding to the menagerie.  Yes I am aware that I may be clinically insane or a zookeeper.   My motto?  Love me, love my menagerie.

      Its not like I have 48 cats!!!!!!  Just 1 cat 2 dogs 1 new guinea pig and some dust bunnies. 

     I had piggies as a child and think of them fondly… Cookie and Trufflehunter.  This guy’s name so far is

Tater Pedro Piggleton But I call him Peeeegy Weeeegy

 here is the rest of the clan…. and a kid… no pic online though!  Sorry pedophiles.


Harmony kitten… Fresca the sad rescue… Stewart the love of my life – he is my best friend – my protector and my babysitter.

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