Bet you didn’t know that I had 2 years of art school back in the day. I decided before I settled on Communications, to be an artist. I loved it. LOVED IT. And then somewhere about 10 years ago I just stopped creating. I use to draw pictures in my day-planner of the dogs I would see at the park and doodle disturbing images when I was down in the dumps.

I can not tell you why I stopped. I did keep making jewelry – but how creative is stringing beads?

The other day I was in the grocery store of all places and a sketch book caught my eye in the school supplies section. Now its as if I had never stopped! I am doodling and creating and thinking of buying paints again… It feels so amazing to channel this creative thing again.

Last night I sat in my bed with a glass of red wine and out poured a creepy old hollow tree with crows on the branches. It felt amazing. It would also seem that I haven’t forgotten all that I learned in my art classes. Yes I am a bit rusty, but its still there!