Humans 0 Monkey 25

I stumbled upon this from United Press International…

A monkey eluded capture in New Delhi after injuring at least 25 people and reportedly trying to drag off several children, The Times of India reported Monday.

The monkey’s rampage Saturday night in Shastri Park came less than a month after Deputy Mayor S.S. Bajwa died after a monkey attacked him at his home, the Times reported.

Saturday’s attack began about 7 p.m. and continued late into the night and several of the injured included children less than 5 years old, some of whom the monkey tried to drag away, the Times reported

What is happening in India? Mad monkeys everywhere! I would be the tourist trying to feed the cute lil fella’s only to have my nose ripped off by a baboon.

And why didn’t someone stomp it? Its a monkey. Not an elephant. If a monkey tried to take my baby – its arm would be ripped off.