Diesel cuddling

My son’s Chihuahua Diesel bit my (ever shrinking thank you very much) lovehandle!!!!

When he wants something, he stands on his little hind legs and shoves me with his front paws in the leg, or my thigh if I am sitting, as hard as he can. And for 10lbs and no balls he can shove pretty fucking hard.

Tonight I was reading my favorite blog… the tard blog (yes I am sorry but it just slays me) and the little bugger came up and started shoving. I was also watching a reality show that will remain unmentioned to preserve what is left of my dignity. I just ignored him. But he had run out of water in his bowl and was thirsty.

The shoving got stronger.

All of a sudden a sharp pain attacks my side and radiates through my body. HE BIT MY LOVE HANDLE!!!!!! Now, he didn’t bite very hard, but he must have chomped down on a nerve that runs from the top of my head to my toes. I screamed so loudly my neighbors called.

Well – he got some water and I got an ice-pack and we moved on with our evening.