Smiling Fanny


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     Fanny is the first afternoon walk.  Her days are spent in the kitchen patiently waiting for adventure and snoozing on her blanket.  

    When the door opens upon my arrival she pounces with a burst of golden love.  Her hugs are actually quite painful, for she knows not her size and strength.  Bruises and blood are sometimes involved but never on purpose. There was a close call with a black eye when hugging distance was misjudged last Christmas. 

It is easy to make her happy:

Ball thrown until tongue hangs out at least 5 extra inches. 

Extra treats shoveled into mouth while housekeeper’s back is turned.

Playdates at the park with other bouncy pups as often as possible.

Peanut butter slipped inside chewy bone at least once a week… don’t tell.


    I wonder sometimes if she knows what happiness being Fanny’s Nanny brings me.  My words can not explain it.. so I toss the tennis ball a few more times and purchase and extra special bone every now and again. 

    I have two canines of my own who are my absolute angels.  But there is really something amazing about my Fanny-Hall that makes me smile as big as she does.