No matter how long I have been gone from this site… it waits and understands.  The past few months have ripped me down to the bare bones of my self.  And yet… the most amazing thing has happened. 

   I have lost family members and been evicted… I got really sick and also got my darling niece so its hard to be upset about the recent past.

   The man I love is moving in with me.  Im still having a hard time believing he is real and I am not dreaming.  If someone pinches me and wakes me up I am going to kick their fucking ass.

   Meanwhile back at the ranch… My depression has been ruling my world lately and I have finally beaten it back into submission and am moving forward.  Im going back to school and becoming a life coach so I can help other people through the crap I have been through.

   I have missed everyone and I promise I will be more regular on here.  I am striving for harmony in my life and my home.  I even started an ebay store named Harmony Everywhere!!!  Check it out…