One of my most favorite people sent me this picture from just outside of Dallas today… god I miss Texas sometimes (only sometimes)bluebonnetsnow

I have been hanging in.  My man has been here for the week and we have been in blissful retreat.  He is such an amazing gift in my life. 

 I still have bloody eyeballs.  Still dont know what is causing it either.  I have managed to keep it at bay but not annex it from my being. 

My friends are all being neglected due to this illness… its funny that they forget so easily that I am facing blindness and lecture me on not being there for them… several of them have done so.  I don’t remind them of it because I don’t want to put too much energy towards the problem in hopes that it will dissipate eventually.  But meanwhile I faced yet another guilt trip from a girlfriend today – how could I have forgotten her birthday?  Well lets see… could I read my calendar to see what day it was???  Not so much.  Im having a good day today so I am reading through the 378 emails waiting for me.  OK enough… no more wallowing.

 hope you are all well – I intend to be more frequent on this page again.  quite therapeutic.