I have waited.  I have dealt with the idiots.  I have been hurt by a few.  I have looked like an instant family to some.  Several have proposed. 

 But I waited for this one.  He is more handsome than I could have ever imagined.  His humor is like mine.  He loves the same things I do.  He is absolutely beautiful inside and out.  He is wounded like I am.  He needs me so much.  I need him more.  He actually likes the way I think…

 How do you know?  I look at his face and I feel completely happy.  It brings me to tears when I think ahead to when and if we end… 

I want his weight on my shoulders and the only person I have ever felt that for is my son.  I want to soothe him when he is sad.  I want to give him pleasure like he has never experienced before.  I want him to feel whole in my arms. 

 I don’t want him to hurt me.  I am afraid that he will be the same as others in my past.  I fear putting too much stock in him.  I want to be with him until he is 109 and in a wheelchair and we need Viagra.

Heis my love.  I have known it since the second we spoke and he was afraid of me.  ME!  He was afraid of me…  He is just pure sunshine and love.