Oh thats right.  He went to my house.  Dont ask.  But now we seem to be adding to the menagerie.  Yes I am aware that I may be clinically insane or a zookeeper.   My motto?  Love me, love my menagerie.

      Its not like I have 48 cats!!!!!!  Just 1 cat 2 dogs 1 new guinea pig and some dust bunnies. 

     I had piggies as a child and think of them fondly… Cookie and Trufflehunter.  This guy’s name so far is

Tater Pedro Piggleton But I call him Peeeegy Weeeegy

 here is the rest of the clan…. and a kid… no pic online though!  Sorry pedophiles.


Harmony kitten… Fresca the sad rescue… Stewart the love of my life – he is my best friend – my protector and my babysitter.