Today is the day where the men in my world will disappear.  No brothers.  Dad’s phone is off.  Grandpa’s hearing aids are mysteriously missing – only to be found in the morning in his pocket.  My man… well who knows we are still new, but I am not expecting much.  No male friends to talk to.  Even my son is going to drag all of his projects and hobbies into the TV room to watch.  And what is wrong with rooting for da bears because I love SNL?

     So what are my choices?  I do enjoy football.  But mostly college. But I have dishes and laundry to do and I would rather be singing loudly to I while I do them.  

     I think there should be a secret event for non-superbowlians.  It will only take place during the super bowl and will have nothing to do with football.  I’m not caffeinated enough to create just the thing.  But I think it should happen.